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How To Survive In A Falling Market – Protect & Build Your Wealth

Key Actions To Protect & Build Your Wealth!

The world is being brought to its knees by a global pandemic that no one saw coming, a real black swan event.

As many countries head into social distancing and lockdown protocols, it raises questions over what the global economy will look like when this is all over.

We all know that a dip in the global economy can heavily impact the property market.

At these times, you want to consider your investments and how you might survive in a falling market.

So, let’s explore how you can take a defensive stance, what you should look out for, and how you can position yourself to benefit from any emerging opportunities.

What Causes A Falling Market?

There are two circumstances that can cause a falling market.

A RECESSION: An economic recession is characterized by negative economic growth. A recession is taking place when the GDP (a measure of the value of economic activity within a country) is negative for 3 or more consecutive quarters.

A DEPRESSION: A depression is a severe and long-lasting correction of the economy and asset prices. Generally, they are more extended than a recession and have a negative impact on the value of property.

Right now, we are in a recession period and already we can see an impact on the economy.

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