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5 Proven Ways to Invest in Real Estate with Little or No Money

Lack of funds can only pose a challenge for those trying their hands at real estate investing without knowing these proven ways to raise funds. A must-read for all the present and potential real estate investors who wish to invest in real estate with little or no money …

It is no secret – real estate investing is the most prudent way to create generational wealth with healthy cash flows via passive sources. However, most investors are apprehensive about cutting their teeth into this domain. No, they are not worried about the operational challenges, rather something more intrinsic. That’s indeed a million or perhaps billion dollar question – how to invest in real estate with little or no money? Experience and solid financial backing are certainly factors that can turn the deals in your favor. However, one must not back out of real estate investment altogether just because of shortage of funds.

In this article, we outline the six proven ways to invest in real estate with little or no money

When it comes to real estate investments, there are myriad creative ways to finance the deals. One can resort to any of the following methods to kick-start their real estate investing journey:

1. House hacking your first investment

If you are brainstorming cost-efficient ways to invest in real estate with little money then house hacking is a good place to start. House hacking basically makes you invest in a property; a portion of which then you may rent out to another party.
House hacking allows you to reside in your property while also successfully becoming a landlord to a rented asset. It not only allows you to gather experience in property investment, but the rental returns also help you gather cash flows for further investments down the line.
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2. Equity loan from an existing property

Property owners can enjoy equity gains from a property that has outgrown its initial capital investment. Even when you have only a percentage stake in a property, you can own equity in it if the asset appreciates in financial value.
So if you are pondering how to buy real estate with no money, then you can easily obtain an equity loan from a banking institution, or apply for a line of credit which can help you build capital for subsequent investment on other assets.

3. Seller financing on a property with a clean chit

A quick and easy alternative to opting for a home loan is if you can get the property seller to finance you. Seller financing allows you to pay the property seller through predetermined instalments, while the property comes into your possession allowing you to rent it out for further capital development.
Those contemplating ways to invest in real estate with little money or looking to avoid any exorbitant loan rates from the financial institutions may easily opt for this alternative. It usually works in the favour of the investor if they are able to negotiate the terms of the seller financing deal to their benefit.

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4. Co-investments or Syndication

Real estate investors looking for the safest way to proceed with their first property investment can partner up with another real estate investor. If you are wondering how to invest in real estate with little or no money, then simply do your research and sift your network for a fellow real estate investor.
Some may think that it is more prudent to go forward with another real estate investment fresher, as it is easier to be on the same page with someone with the same amount of experience in the field; however, it is definitely wiser to find someone who is already experienced in real estate investments, even if you have to network beyond your usual circles. Not only can your co-partner show you the ropes, but they can also offer you critical insight into the real estate investment process, to help your future investments.

5. Master Lease Agreement

Master Lease Agreement is yet another potential way to get into commercial real estate investing, when you have no funds and you want to get into your first deal with least risks. In this case, you have an option to buy the property from the owner with small or zero down payment and on closing you would get equitable title, which entitles you to command all the cash-flows, pay the bills and manage the property.
During the Master Lease period, all the capital appreciation and tax benefits are entitled to you while the seller gets a fixed monthly lease payment from you. The seller may also ask you to set out the share in capital gains and increase in rental incomes. Here, you need to find a motivated seller or a tired landlord. Many sellers prefer this mode, as it helps selling the property relatively quickly without the need for bank financing. The sellers get monthly cash flows and they don’t have to manage the property.

6. Way forward

So, these were the proven ways to get started with real estate investing with little or no money. If you like to enhance your knowledge and skills about real estate investing, do not hesitate to contact us. You are welcome to sign-up for the free education available through our website

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