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Qualified Retirement Plan: How to Buy Real Estate with Your 401(k) or IRA: Why Investors Go Crazy for the eQRP®

Once you realize what the eQRP® can do for you financially, you’ll wish you would have known about it before your very first investment.  It can save you from giving up 37% of your profits to taxation, set up your heirs for financial security, and expand your portfolio to include real gold and silver, and cryptocurrency. Let’s dive in and see how the eQRP® can help you break the shackles of financial bondage!


You probably haven’t heard of a QRP® (Qualified Retirement Plan) because Wall Street doesn’t want you to know about it!  QRPs are not new.  In fact, they’ve been around over 40 years as part of the Revenue Act of 19782 Section 401(k), which cleared the way for defined contribution plans.  At that point in our history, the responsibility shifted from employer-based pension plans to the individual.


The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) is a federal law that sets minimum standards for most voluntarily established pension and health plans in private industry to provide protection for individuals in these plans. ERISA does NOT protect Solo (k) plans.


qualified retirement plans overview


The idea was revolutionary: employees would be able to contribute their own money in a tax-advantaged way to an account that would supplement any other benefits they had.  All good so far, right?  The challenge became when large financial institutions entered the picture and focused on employer-organized programs.  These were called 401(k) programs and were meant to “simplify” the process for employees and help them manage their money.  Over time, the result has become massive portfolios managed by fund managers that translates into big business for financial institutions.


The truth: As of 2015, a survey found only 22% of employees were confident that they were on track for retirement, even though 84% contributed to their retirement plan.3


Returning to the original statute, a QRP doesn’t actually need the third-party custodian or asset manager. You can be your own trustee. So, IRS Code (Section 401) defines the QRP as a ‘retirement savings trust.’ It is essentially a retirement savings plan set up by a small business owner, someone with business activity.


Wait, you say: “What if I’m not a small business owner?


You can still qualify for a QRP even if you do not own a small business.  Don’t worry! If you have an investment business, work for yourself or have part-time income or activity that could produce income, then you can have a QRP. (See details about eligibility later on in this document.)


Being in control of your funds saves you from the risk of investment managers making decisions about your money that are profitable for them but may not be in your best interest.


Despite these changes in the code, for the last three decades, we’ve been told stocks are the investment vehicles of choice, and you’re better off investing for the long-term and leaving the money management to the professionals.  It’s so complex in fact, that it requires fund managers, account managers, stock experts, and analysts.  This is the theory that they’d like us all to buy into.


Wall Street “experts” tell us we need a diverse portfolio with a variety of stock investments to yield the best return.  Sound familiar? If it is, you’re one of 53 million households in the U.S. who are invested in the traditional investment market.1  Like you, these hardworking people have been convinced that this is the path to a secure financial future and the ability to retire comfortably.


After years of research and personal experience, I can tell you with confidence that this traditional path is a myth.  A myth perpetuated by an industry that controls over $29 trillion in assets – 89% of which are owned by households just like yours.  They have created so much mystery on how they manage this huge pool of money that you ultimately have no control over the actual performance of your own investments.


The Truth:

  • Investing all or most of your money in stocks, even a variety of stocks, is narrowly focused on one asset class: paper. Further, you have no control over the actual performance of your investments.
  • Third-party custodians have long dominated the investment industry and charge large transaction fees (AUM – a percentage fee for Assets Under Management) and limit your investment choices.
  • As the trustees of these retirement plans, they make money charging transactional and management fees to perform trustee duties.


Are you ready to say goodbye to the Wall Street machine and start taking control of your investments?


Better Plan: The eQRP®

The great news is that there is an alternative to all this myth and mystery: the Qualified Retirement Plan or QRP.  In this special report, I will share my accumulated knowledge about QRPs as an alternative investment strategy that YOU control.  Putting you back in the pilot’s seat of transforming your own financial future.  Read on to learn more about what a QRP is and how you can qualify to open one; the advantages of using this awesome retirement savings plan tool; a comparison with other investment tools; what qualifies; and what is prohibited.  The goal is to provide you with a basic understanding and education about how the QRP may be of value in your overall retirement planning.  So let’s start with some basics…

Feature Of Qualified Retirement Plans:

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