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MIH Mastermind

MIH Mastermind Members Success Showcase


Jesse Dickens

Joined the 6 months ago, and before that, he joined another amazing community

Jesse has started with two other friends an Amazing FREE Deal Underwriting Pod for people to learn from & it has grown to 75-100 members from MIH Mastermind & Jake And Gino.

Jesse has just closed on this fantastic 26 unit In Tucson with a few other partners as a GP deal of their own.

Jesse is now focusing most of his time on Multifamily doing it full-time and completing a course with Marco Barbaro building his brand and looking for his next deal.  His hard work & never give up attitude got him into this great deal!!!  MIH


Way to Make It Happen Jesse The Mastermind & Members Are Proud of You And All Your Hard Work‼


Nicole Pendergrass

1st Purchase was a 3 Unit

Just Closed on a 6 Unit in December in the Market that she wanted & the story how she found it shows what people need to do to be successful….set up a networking call and for the people struggling to find deals she will show you how this one came about!

  • Joined the MIH Mastermind Group Being Mentored & Coached Directly by Hadar & Marco & Her 1st Massive Action Step Was Joining An Amazing Community
  • 2021 Goals now are to take down a 20-90 Unit JV With a Strong Team of Women in the Mastermind & Look for 100 Plus Units to Syndicate.
  • Nicole is Doing an Excellent Job on Branding Education, Building Her Brand & Growing Her Social Media Presence.
  • She is Also Learning the Art of Attracting Money and Not Raising Money……..She Will be Working Along Side A Great Team.


One of the Best Things She Will Be Working on is Growing a Platform (Women of Multifamily) Being Showcased by Jake & Gino That Is Bringing Successful Women Together To Learn & Grow Together In Multifamily!


Huan Nguyen

He joined the Mastermind about 6 months ago.

Huan Has Already:

  • Completed a project with his Mentor/Coach HadarOrkibi in 3 months with a profit for him of $75,000.
  • He has completed the MIH Underwriting/Deal Analyzing Course and multifamily education program and joined the Kansas Team Looking for Deals and Underwriting every week on his way to becoming a master Underwriter for the group.
  • He is a Structural Engineer for his own company and after getting educated he is now The Full Time Project Manager in New Zealand on all of the Projects there where they have currently started a second one in contract.
  • Huan will also now be investing in the United States in his 1st storage opportunity and he also will be investing in multifamily in the United States.
  • Huan is a humble, hard working family man that is adding tremendous value to the group while building great success.

Neil Schoepp

He joined in January 2020 & he has accomplished this year during COVID the most he has ever accomplished in life!


Neil Has:

Invested as a General Partner in over 45 units this year

Created & partnered on an underwriting course that sells on with Hadar Orkibi creating a passive income stream for his family for life.

He increased his preschool business s by 2500 Sqft. he is moving from a max capacity of 69 children to a max capacity of 121 children and increasing staff by 30%, which he couldn’t do fast enough to keep up with the kids but got it done.

All during COVID, while others were closing or going out of business by Implementing Marco’s INNOVATION Plan as a business mastery tactic.

Joined two market teams

Grew his mindset & is doing motivational/educational videos.

-Asked the other members graduating to stay on for another 12 months as a master’s program at a cost to keep the accentuality & growth.

-He loved and uses Marco’s phrase from one of the educations — “Put The Blinders On & Push Forward For Our Families”!

-Created a new vision board with even bigger goals & can’t wait to see him crush them all.


Neil Beyond Proud Of You Keep Crushing Your Goals & Can’t Thankyou Enough For Being Part Of This Group & Adding Tremendous Value!  MIH!


Anna Latysheva & Fernando Arias

In Less Than 1 Year they:

  • Built a Financial Freedom Plan of 7 Years, without incorporating Multifamily acquisitions, which might turn into 5 Years from now.
  • Joined two great communities, the &, which they say are the best decisions of their life!
  • Started a FREE Amazing Underwriting Mastermind/Pod with over 100 people joining learning & getting better together.
  • Raised 500K for a Syndication Deal.
  • GP Partners on a 72 Unit Deal in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
  • Have a second deal in contract closing in a few months of 40 units plus
  • They are building an even stronger vision board & action plan for 2021!


The MIH Mastermind is grateful to have Anna & Fernando.

Marco, Hadar & Chris can’t wait to have them as partners on their next deal that they are already working on.  Make It Happen!


Yosef Lee Hyunseong

Joined the right after he joined  He Took Massive Action & Joined 2 Great Platforms.

In Less Than 1 Year, Yosef closed on a 44 unit deal with Marco Barbaro & Others.

  • His 1st As a General Partner!
  • Rents off by $200 and a refinance in 16 Months‼️
  • Closing on his second deal, a 68 unit in the first quarter of 2021
  • 100 doors in less than 1 year!


Yosef started & helps run 2 successful meetups on Zoom right now & then in person when COVID is over.  one of them is Kansas City Multifamily and More

Yosef has started 1 main group & other sub groups for Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers Etc.

To teach them about Active & Passive Investing.

Yosef built his partnership team with Joe Sullivan & Others.

Got a HUGE promotion & is now a partner in the law firm he works with. CONGRATULATIONS Yosef!

Yosef learning attracting money from 2 mentors of his & is working directly with one of them on future deals.

“Yosef My Brosef” — Wow All This During COVID.  We can’t wait to see what yosef does in 2021‼️MIH

Delbert Smith

Delbert Smith


  • Joined MIH Mastermind in 2020 during COVID
  • Took a trip to Missouri in February 2020 to learn a new market and network with Marco Barbaro & Hadar Orkibi.
  • Retired from his job to pursue three passions: his Construction Business, Multifamily & Spend More Time With His Family.
  • Was going to pursue his construction business part-time, but he is booked solid & it is growing fast, with him buying more trucks & hiring more people during COVID.
  • Closed on a 12 unit direct to seller Multifamily property November 2020.
  • Delbert is now looking for his next deal with a new strategic plan. Marco & Hadar have & is expanding his construction business.
  • Delbert will partner with MIH when the next opportunity arises.


Way to CRUSH It, Delbert, during COVID, keep the momentum, and let’s make 2021 even better.