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    Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen,

others Make It Happen.


Michael Jordan

The concept mastermind alliance was coined in 1925 by author Napoleon Hill, and described in his 1937 book/ Think and Grow Rich/ Mastermind groups have applied this concept for nearly 100 years, and have remained so popular because they’ve proven to be effective at making people focus on their goals and actually achieve them. Group meetings are a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability, and group support to help you overcome your biggest obstacles and achieve your biggest goals.

Is the Make It Happen (MIH) Mastermind Group Right for Me?

  • Are you wondering how to become FINANCIALLY FREE?
  • Do you want to transition from Single family to MULTIFAMILY Investing?
  • Are you worried that your real estate NETWORKING isn’t growing?
  • Are puzzled about how to acquire HIGH-RETURN DEALS?
  • Do you want to LEARN ways to raise money for your real estate investments?
  • Do you need ongoing GUIDANCE to help keep you moving toward your investing goals?
  • Are you looking for a real estate INVESTING GROUP that is tried and true and helps you kick start or improve your real estate investing business?

If any or all of the above sentiments sound like you, the MIH mastermind group is right for you. It’ll offer the perfect springboard and SUPPORT for you to take your real estate investing business to the next level.

In 1996, Marco graduated from Fairfield University and turned down a job with GE Capital to go into the restaurant business with his brother Gino.  At the age of 23, he bought his first multifamily property, a 4-family, in New York.

In 2013, he began investing with his brother & Jake in Knoxville Tennessee, where they purchased their first twenty-five unit deal.  Since then, he has partnered with Jake & Gino on over 1300 units, and has witnessed and participated in the growth of the company.

Marco exited the rat race on August 1st 2019, and joined the Jake & Gino team full time to help coach students and raise capital for Rand Partners.

Marco excels in networking, building teams and putting people in place to succeed.  He is a husband and the father of 3 beautiful girls. His family and multifamily are his two main focuses in life.

Hadar Orkibi – Principle at

 A US Citizen, a full-time real estate investor and an asset manager of a passive income portfolio. Hadar been Investing in Real Estate for over a decade, specializing in long distance, out of state investing.
Started as a Licensed Real Estate agent in Israel before Immigrating to New Zealand in 2003.

Hadar’s portfolio includes Multi-Family apartments, and Commercial Triple Net Leases Real Estate in NZ and the United States.

In the US with, Hadar is focused on Multi-Family Apartment Buildings that have value-add upside potential.

Over the years Hadar implemented different strategies which includes wholesaling, house flipping, subdivision, new construction, commercial real estate, joint ventures, and multifamily investing.

Hadar enjoys helping both seasoned real estate investors and those new to real estate investing reach their wealth, income, and portfolio goals through multifamily real estate investing

Hadar loves real estate investing and the freedom it creates.

Hadar’s Skills: Asset management.
Project Management – PRINCE2 (R) Certified.
Extensive understanding of investment underwriting.

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APPLY to Join The MIH Mastermind Program

In a short period of time, Hadar’s MIH Mastermind Group has transformed my investing knowledge, given me confidence, and helped me more easily recognize and assess potential deals. Hadar is a patient and capable teacher who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his mastermind group. He challenges me to develop new skills and provides feedback to help me refine those skills. The value of my experience far exceeds the cost. I really can’t say enough good things. I’m excited to continue learning through this mastermind group and working with other group members to improve our knowledge and skills, and achieve our investing goals.

– Ben Saxon –

Top Benefits of Joining the MIH Mastermind Group


Benefit #1: Gain Clarity

Even if you have been in the real estate industry for many years, chances are you will need to rebuild momentum and refocus your energy at some point. The MIH mastermind group can help with this. The lessons, the experience, and feedback from a real estate coach and other group members will help you gain more clarity on what to do next to achieve your investing goals.

Benefit #2: Property Investing Mentoring at Its Best

In the MIH mastermind group, you’ll get a chance to work with active, like-minded real estate investors and a mentor who knows the ins and outs of the industry. You will learn how to protect your business against missteps, a real estate bubble burst, fluctuating interest rates, and much more. And there’s no better place to get started towards achieving your real estate goals than in the MIH mastermind group.

Benefit #3: The People Around You Are Crucial to Your Success

The real estate investing business is like team sport: you need people around you who will challenge you, push you to
improve, and help you maintain high performance. The MIH mastermind group is a great place to keep you simultaneously accountable, focused, and motivated.

Benefit #4: Networking

“Network, network, network,” is a mantra in the real estate industry because it’s such an important key to success. MIH mastermind group brings together a diverse team of real estate investors whose experience, education, expertise, resources, and influence you can leverage to take your own investing to the next level. The group might even present opportunities for you to collaborate with other like-minded members on actual real estate investing opportunities.

Benefit #5: Opportunity for Growth

The ultimate reason to join the MIH mastermind group is to experience drastic growth in both your professional and personal life. The experience, the knowledge, the real estate investing training, and mentoring you’ll gain from the MIH mastermind group will help transform your real estate investing career or business in a positive way. No matter how you look at it, the MIH mastermind group offers an amazing opportunity for growth and development. If you bring persistence and a desire to improve, the MIH mastermind group can provide you with more confidence, more income, and more freedom.

Now that we have you here …


MIH Mastermind group is limited to an exclusive number of student investors who will
receive hands-on real estate investing coaching with Marco & Hadar in a group environment.

Who is the MIH Mastermind Group Right For?

  • The MIH Mastermind Group is a paid mastermind group designed for real estate investors who are focused on growing their
    businesses to become financially free.

To qualify for membership, you must meet he following criteria:

  • You must own at least one investment property or passive investing and be actively doing and seeking deals.
  • You must be goals driven, and committed to exiting the rat race of your day job.
  • You must be able to financially afford the $325 per month membership fee.
  • You must place a high priority on attending the monthly mastermind group calls.
  • You must be willing to contribute to the success of every other individual in the group.
  • You must be willing to connect with like-minded people with similar real estate investing goals.

So if you value the support and you fit the criteria, there’s only one question left to ask…