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MIH Mastermind

Multifamily Mastermind

Make 2020 the first step towards your financially free future armed with everything you need to do to invest in Multifamily Real Estate.

2020 is the year to take action on your real estate investment plans.

Always wanted to invest but aren’t sure how to spot the good deals or where you should start?

Or maybe you have already started investing, but want to take your investing to the next level?

The Make It Happen Mastermind Group helps people to achieve their financial goals through Multifamily Real Estate investing.

And it is all kicking off on 7th January 2020.

Hosted by two industry experts, the Mastermind event will be packed with valuable information.

Marco Barbaro bought his first multifamily property at the age of 23 and hasn’t stopped since then! He has partnered on over 1300 units to date and now coaches students full time as part of the Jake & Gino team.

Hadar Orkibi is a full-time real estate investor and asset manager. Having been investing in real estate for more than a decade both on and off-shore, Hadar has an impressive passive income portfolio of multifamily apartments and triple net commercial leases.

What Is The MIH Mastermind Group?

The MIH Mastermind Group is a Real Estate Coaching Program aimed at providing people with the tools, guidance and strategy they need to gain clarity about achieving their real estate investing goals. It is aimed at Beginner & Intermediary Investors who want to achieve financial freedom through Multifamily apartments investing.

For those that already have the experience in the real estate investing world, the MIH Mastermind group will take them to the next level.

What You Will Learn:

The MIH Mastermind group offers members the opportunity to learn & implement the 3-key pillars of building a successful Multifamily investing business.

The 3 key pillars are:

  1. Choosing the right market: The MIH Mastermind group is focused on emerging, steady & “under the radar” markets that offer cashflow and value add opportunities.
  2. Deal flow: members at the MIH Mastermind group work as a team to create deal flow.
  3. Networking & Partnering: Members of the MIH Mastermind group are part of an Ecosystem that brings together deal finders and deal sponsors to the closing table.

Members of the MIH Mastermind group are like-minded investors, with a “Make It Happen” mindset, striving to grow their portfolio to achieve their financial & personal goals.

10 Important Reasons To Join:

  1. The support and connections of a vast network of investors and key playmakers who can help you on your investment journey
  2. Gain access to our industry expertise through a vast library of easy-to-follow videos, plans, articles, case studies, and lessons
  3. Guidance on how to find the ideal market for you to invest in, so you are always generating cash flowing properties
  4. Create a Multi-Millionaire Mindset
  5. Learn the skills and tactics of multi-millionaire investors
  6. Understand how to fund and syndicate a deal
  7. Learn how to build an amazing team and position yourself for a successful passive income
  8. Grow and scale a multi-family business portfolio as a full-time business
  9. Learn how to analyze and underwrite a property to ensure it is a good deal
  10. Fly with our group towards an untargeted niche – an under-the-radar market that is producing 10-15% higher returns than most other hot markets

This Mastermind Group Is For You If…

You are ready to build the financial future that you and your family deserve.

This paid Mastermind program is also for you if you want to:

  • Join a supportive community of like-minded investors all working towards their own financial freedom
  • Utilize the connections within the network to boost your own investment journey and raise money
  • Transition from Single-family to Multi-family investing
  • Learn the mindset that will lead you to your financial freedom

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“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people” – Steve jobs